Caught by the Light – Grrl Pal [Single Review]

Photo: Cody Roberts (Curbside Collection)

Photo: Cody Roberts (Curbside Collection)

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

With Grrl Pal’s monthly release for 2015 delivered this December in the form of a resonant pop injection, complete with sassy lyrics and Jay LeKat’s familiar lush vocals, it’s a welcome addition to their growing repertoire of fruity tracks and electro licks.

Playing into your hands like putty, Caught by the Light saunters across the first few seconds of the track with its skipping beat whilst Jay’s signature vocals fade in, bringing their distinct crystalline tone into the divide. Amping up the party vibes, Danny K’s production has kicked it up a notch with the heavenly notes of ascension.

Around the 1 minute mark Caught by the Light lays low, building light and shade within the song’s composition and making its listener all too eager for the mood to pitch up again in confetti like electronic trips and stumbles.

The only question we have now is, 'will Grrl Pal be partying it up to Caught by the Light at Disconnect Fest?'