Enigma – Slumberjack ft. GRRL PAL [Single Review]

Words: Dylan Smith

For the past week, Slumberjack have been premiering their latest track, Enigma, featuring fellow Perth pals and friends of the Ink Grid, GRRL PAL.

With GRRL PAL duo Jay Lekat & Danny K having not too long ago taken home a spot in Perth’s Listen Out Festival for 2015 (thanks to Triple J Unearthed), it seems the vivacious twosome are on somewhat of a synth pop fueled conquest.

With each funky double now having shared the same Unearthed set time at Listen Out Festival, the collaboration seems natural, despite a disparity in followers.

Enigma combines the rich synthesised content of much of GRRL PAL’s repertoire with the ‘trap as fuck’ bass and bustling drum beats that Slumberjack boast unequivocally.

To top it off, Jay’s vocals are dripped ever so delicately over the rich sound bed of future bass textures and ‘got-dayum’ trap. It all makes for one very tasty piece.

Regardless of whether the deux two’s have recently fostered their musical ties, or whether they’ve slowly cultivated the liaison, I have faith they’ll continue slapping us with their enigmatic and stylistically unique sounds for some time to come.

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