Comeback & Tainted – Brufield [Single Review]

Image Credit: Brufield

Image Credit: Brufield

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Indie-pop five piece, Brufield are a new kind of pop breed. With emotional vocals that manage to be catchy without sounding stock-standard, the Perth outfit are due to release their Double A Side with tracks, Comeback and Tainted on New Year’s Day.

Comeback is a rich number. Its pulsing intro laid out by Andy Brunn provides the perfect rhythm for frontwoman, Lisa Caulfield’s vocals to shine amongst the sunny keys. Using their melody to create some contrast, Brufield have composed a song that showcases each band member’s ability whilst complimenting the pop rock style the band seem to have settled on.

Bearing a more sombre tone than Comeback, Tainted is a track filled with guitar riffs that harbour melancholic undertones. Caufield’s voice soars in this track, highlighting the delicacy in which she approaches her vocals whilst still wielding enough power to make sure the lyrics hit you smack bang in the heart. As the track launches into Tainted’s chorus, there’s a real folk influence that takes form amongst the powerful crash of drums.

Doing things a little differently for this release, Brufield are releasing their single online without a physical launch. Instead the band will be posting the tracks into a Facebook event which you can find out more about here.