Still Hiding – Boytjie [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

So a little while ago this little track appeared in The Ink Grid’s mailbox, unsure of what to expect I took a listen and before long found myself humming along to Still Hiding the third time around.

With its simple yet effective composition, the track is the debut release for Boytjie, an Alternative indie band straight out of Perth whose influences draw from the Roots scene. Slightly darker than the works of North Carolina outfit River Whyless, who bear signature elements within the intro of the debut release, Still Hiding has the ability to become a rock song within the right live environment thanks to its wailing riffs and lethargic bass lines.

Front man to Boytjie, Sam Stopforth bears vocal similarities to well-known folk singer Hozier, with his at times gruff sounding voice, coming across as melodic against the instrumental arrangement. Bearing a rhythm that has its listener tapping their feet against pavement with vigour come the 30 second mark, Boytjie are certainly a Perth band to watch out for.