Ashes – Mat Cammarano [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

We like music…but most of all we like music that oozes soul and spirit, Ashes by multi-instrumentalist Mat Cammarano does just that.

Introducing the track with strong bass lines identifiable through Mat Cammarano’s involvement with Perth indie pop outfit TEIJ, the guitar work in Ashes glides with ease amongst the lyrical complexity being offered up.

Serving us some of that Tame Impala goodness identifiable in the way the riffs and keys translate, you can hear how Cammarano has woven his influences into a more distinct sound of his own. Lyrics like ‘playgrounds teeming with lunchtime cowboys’ instil a bluesy feel to this piece whilst infiltrating your mood with their covert, multi-implicit meaning.

We think it’s so good we’re featuring Ashes as our ‘Track of the Week’.

Have a listen to it here: