Tarantella - Joni in the Moon [Single Review]

Words: Hannah Nissen

The latest track from Perth outfit Joni in the Moon, once again sees siblings Joni and Josh Hogan tackle socially aware, yet otherworldly folktronica with a saturated sweetness, like a luscious goddamn candy apple. Joni gives the pair that solemnly sweet echo similar to CocoRosie or Bjork, while Josh offers experimental doses of worldly beats and electro-pop synth.

Released earlier this month, Tarantella is this bouncy pop/afro-beat track, and is kind of what I imagine when I think about being lost in a jungle...but like, a fun, PG sort of jungle where you can party with apes and stuff - like Tarzan, or Brendan Frasier, or Tim Allen.

Following the release of their 2014 album Sorrow Trees, the lyrics are Joni’s take on tackling emotional demons as a woman, and the desperation to be rid of them. The vocals resonate above a chiming choir and a hip-pop-esque drumming sequence that comfortably and freely invites at least a shoulder shuffle.
It is the type of song that will sit comfortably in your head, and I think for a duo making worldviews as poignant and flat out piquant as these two…what could be better than that.

Check it out, if you haven't already, and be sure to catch the Tarantella single launch November 27th at the Rosemount Hotel.