She’s A Rainbow - GUNNS [Single Review]

Words: Cam Hurst

When Spinning Top Records sign a band, anyone with ears in Perth takes notice. Joining the likes of Peter Bibby, Pond and untouchable deities Tame Impala, GUNNS are a garage surf rock quartet whose new single She’s A Rainbow has just been released.

A tight rhythm section provides the foundation for sparkling chords and a warped croon with one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in a while. She’s A Rainbow seems to nod to the psychedelic roots of its label-mates whilst holding elements of the new glistening pop trend heard on GUM’s new album Glamorous Damage.

Replete with a blistering solo section, the track seems perfect accompaniment for incoming 40° heat waves. GUNNS have combined the formulaic structure of a pop banger with enough effects-drenched panache to invite hitting play whether you’re frying by a swimming pool or lying in an unwanted pool of your own sweat as you struggle to press the ‘On’ button of the air-conditioner remote.