Shiver - Bri Clark [Single Review]

Words: Cam Hurst

Shiver is a powerful showcase for Bri Clark’s vocal prowess. The pure tone cuts through distorted guitars and otherwise simple instrumentation in a style reminiscent of English superstar Adele…but with more guts. A local singer-songwriter, Clark worked with producers James Newhouse and Eskimo Joes’ Joel Quartermain to create a track that’s a soulful and polished pop anthem.

As the soaring chorus hits, it’s easy to imagine Shiver racking up millions of YouTube views with a compelling video – there’s something about the passion in Clark’s voice as she belts out lyrics about a lover (or ex’s) intoxicating physical presence.  It’s a voice that inspires absolute confidence in regard to the singer’s honesty and technical skill; there’s never a moment where it seems like Clark will falter.

A criticism I would make of the track is that occasionally lyrics are lost in the vocal flourishes. In her capacity as a songwriter, I’m certain Clark places value on the importance of lyrics and it’s unfortunate that sometimes her words are difficult to discern due to runs and unclear pronunciation. Regardless, in the final moments of the track as beautiful notes in Clark’s upper register float over pared down backing it’s easy to hear that Shiver is a track to watch.

Launching her single alongside Joni in the Moon, Hannah Rosa and Connor Ross on Oct 30 at The Boston, this is one show you don't want to miss. Word on the street is there's an exclusive premiere of the clip for Shiver.