Suggest - Grrl Pal [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Grrl Pal twosome and bubbly duo, Jay Le Kat and Danny K have stepped it up a notch with Suggest, their latest release. Awash with dreamy synths, vocal whispers and a languid base of beats, the pair have stepped out of their bedroom pop beginnings and into a more pure production zone.

Setting themselves apart from the growing synth heavy scene, every track the Perth outfit release is not only different but showcases their evolution in experimentation. Taking a step away from the progressively driven bass and glitches exhibited in Paradise and similar tracks from their EP earlier this year, Suggest flows as the instrumentals mingle with Jay's dulcet vocals. Simple yet effective, synths and all, Suggest is pure loveliness. 

Listen to Grrl Pal's latest track below. Perth pals can catch them playing alongside Young Franco and UV Boi at Jack Rabbit Slim's Halloween Party on Oct 31, details HERE.