Most Hated Boys - Attack Hug and Pukey

Words: Somayra Ismailjee

Late last year, we took five with DIY art gang Loser Unit, who work across graffiti, illustration, digital art, video and so, so much more. Fast-forward to 2016, and it looks like this collective are kicking off the year with no disappointments - this coming Friday, two of the artists in the fam, Attack Hug and Pukey, are hosting a very public art show.

The exhibition, titled Most Hated Boys, opens at 6pm in Northbridge in the unlikeliest of spaces. Hear it in their own words:

“This event will commandeer a public toilet somewhere in Northbridge as a makeshift gallery for the ignorant art of Perth creatives Attack Hug and Pukey. This show is an ode to anti-style and ugly brought about via a deep alienation from the cultural-shortcuts employed by Perth’s contemporary low-brow/street-art scene to generate shallow public interest. With a background in graffiti and illustration, the artists promise an intense, strobing and psychotic experience that exists well outside of Perth’s usual comfort zone, transcending fine-arts, low-brow and street based work.”

And ‘transcending’ is apt - these two are experimental, rule-breaking and ruthless. Most Hated Boys is set to be a visual assault of the best kind. The work we’ve seen from Attack Hug and Pukey so far dabbles in a fusion of illustration, graffiti and tattoo-art stylings, ranging from comic art to comical, neat to nihilistic, detailed to digitally manipulated. To check it all out, stay in the loop via Facebook for the location on the day.