5 Minutes with LO$ER UN1T

We had a sneaky few questions for Loser Unit.

Give me the lowdown on the Loser Unit. Who are you, what do you do and what’s the best part about being part of a cult street art gang?

We aren’t good. We aren’t good at being a collective and our Instagram blog is tragic. We are terrible at being a crew of artists and the zine we produce every half year is really horrible, featuring some of the most untalented losers from around the world. We’ve made some totally sub-par music videos.  We hate ourselves, we hate art, but we can’t stop because we are self-destructive. If that sounds good to you, keep an eye out for our next exhibition/event.

Our crew consists of Alex, Sammy Bats, Jerkfvce, Kim Kim Kim, Kzam, Zafir, Edwin, Joe42 and many more attractive personalities.

Our extended family includes the likes of DizzyHizzy, Harley Jones, Martin E Wills, Torture Chamber, OxKing, Ian Strange, Swerfk, Terhor and Zeke. These dudes are sick and you should be fans of them right now.

How did you guys get into the street art scene?

Bad life decisions. Street Art is shit, can’t wait for the fad to be over. Bad luck that we chose graffiti over learning bass guitar or something cool like that. Gotta stick with what you know.

What’s the deal with Lovely Losers?

We have a lot of kawaii babe friends and some of them like to take cute and naughty pics. Hanging out in undies, eating fast food and playing Donkey Kong Country 2 is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. If you wanna get on board drop us a line at @lovelylosers. All sizes/gender identities welcome. <3

Describe all of the Loser Unit members’ artist styles.

Toy, but toy with polish.

Favourite work you guys have done?

Our latest zine is pretty alright. It’s got Jasmine Dreamer, FemmeasFuck, Kucka, Tina Lugo, Susie Rose, Plumpe Ostre, Ox King, Boy Kong, Nico, K Liu Wong, SMC3, Russel Taysom and more assholes in it. You can buy it online for $10 at loserunit.bigcartel ;)

One artist to look out for in the Perth arts scene:

Stormie Mills. If you see him, tell him Loser Unit are going to get him for his boring-ass crimes to culture.